3 Things Our Daughters Need In Order To Break Through Glass Ceilings

3 Things Our Daughters Need In Order To Break Through Glass Ceilings

As highly driven women, it’s only natural that we would want our daughters to achieve even more than we have. 

How do we ensure that our girls are the empire-building, glass shattering, go-getters tomorrow’s world needs?

By intentionally instilling courage and confidence into them from an early age. 

The truth of the matter is, the most successful women on the planet are not necessarily the most talented. They don’t always have the most picture perfect background. They aren’t the ones with the most resources. 

Today’s most successful women are the ones who have the confidence to dream massive dreams - and the courage to make those dreams a reality. 

As a mom - that’s what I want for my daughter, and I’m guessing you want the same. 

So how do we ensure our girls develop this level of confidence and courage?

We have to embody courage and confidence.

Right now the world around us feels surreal. Most of us are doing our best to simply make it through a day of working and homeschooling and mom life. But, now more than ever, our girls are watching us. Their life is full of uncertainty too. They aren’t able to fully grasp why the whole world’s stopped. We need to take this time we’ve been given and show our daughters what courage and confidence looks like. Maybe it’s starting a new business or pivoting your current business. Maybe it’s explaining to your daughter how you are leading at work, helping your company grow. Our girls need to understand that what we are doing is hard, but that hard doesn’t stop us. 

We need to help them practice these skills.

Courage and confidence are skills that can be developed. As moms, we have the unique opportunity to provide our girls with opportunities to grow in these areas. This could mean allowing our girls to lead a virtual playdate, start their own YouTube channel, write their own blog, or share their art on social media. Challenge your daughter to do something brave every single day! 

We need to surround them with the right mentors.

Our girls need to see what’s possible. While the world is bombarding them with messages about who they should be, we need to be showing them what they COULD be. Allowing strong women from all walks of life to share their success stories is incredibly important as we help our daughters dream big and work hard to make those dreams a reality. 

As moms, we get to be part of shaping the next generation of trailblazing women and giving our daughters the skills they need to thrive in uncertain times. If you’d like to join a community of moms and daughters who are goal-driven, change-makers - we’d love to have you inside The Courage Academy. This 12-month program will walk your daughter through a leadership certification, showing her what’s possible and helping her to intentionally develop the skills necessary to make things happen. No drama. No catty-ness. Just a community of moms there to support one another and a community of young girls who are about a whole lot more than getting a few likes on Instagram. To learn more, click here. 

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