3 Simple Ways to Foster Confidence in Your Daughter

3 Simple Ways to Foster Confidence in Your Daughter

Despite the fact that women attend college at a higher rate than men, there is still a disproportionate amount of females at the highest levels of major companies, in the STEM fields, and represented among top earners and award winners across almost every industry. 

How do we set our daughters up for success so they can break through every glass ceiling, overcome every obstacle and truly lead in every capacity - despite what the stats say? 

By helping them develop confidence and courage!

Here are a few simple tips to help them foster the confidence they will need to be successful:

Accept and Reframe Failure

Far too often, young girls don’t raise their hands to contribute in class, and grown women don’t raise their voice to speak up in the boardroom. Why? Because they are afraid of being wrong. One of the most important things we can do for our daughters is to help them reframe failure. If they are constantly afraid of getting things wrong, they will be afraid to attempt anything new. Giving your daughter opportunities to try things that aren’t a guaranteed win, then discussing how to adjust and try again after making improvements, will help your daughter develop the confidence she needs to innovate, create, and start something new. 

Show Them Examples

We can’t always envision what’s possible, so it’s important to surround our girls with women who are crushing it in a variety of fields. Telling our daughters stories of young girls changing the world, showing them articles that talk about female founders, celebrating with them when a woman wins a major award will show your daughter that amazing things are possible. 

Surround Them With Others Living Confidently

Peer pressure is a reality we all faced growing up. With the world at our girl's fingertips, the stakes are much higher for them. The peer pressure doesn’t just come from the lunchroom table at school, but from people states away. This means it’s incredibly important that we surround our daughters with other girls their age, pursuing greatness and leading with conviction. 

The world will shape our girls if we don’t get intentional. If you’d like to join a community of high performing women, raising confident, courageous girls - join us inside our free Facebook group!

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