The Big Risk

There are silver linings to every storm cloud. 

As we’re juggling our new norm in #quarantine life, the silver lining is the family time we get to enjoy. No running here and there from sport to sport. No girls nights, church nights, or date nights. 

Just lots of family time. 

Remember when we craved just a little less in our busy schedule and dreamed of all we would do if we just had a little white space? 

Well, we’re living the dream now, aren’t we?

Here are a few tips to use your abundance of family time wisely over the coming months. 

Keep your family moving and eating healthy. We feel better when we’re taking care of ourselves. Make sure you’re getting plenty of good sleep. Let the kids in on the action and do some fun family workouts! Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Next, set your plan for how your family will come out of this time stronger and better than ever. Because there are risks. . .

One of the biggest concerns facing our daughters today is allowing them to base their self worth and behavior based on what they see and hear on social media. And with all of this downtime, it’s more of a threat than ever before. 

So, during this time, stay involved. While the urge to sit the kids in front of their screens all day is strong, it’s important to know what your daughter is taking in. 

Steal some time to discuss how she might handle things like cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and strangers online.


Plan some activities that are offline. 

Find a positive podcast and discuss it.

Share one of your favorite books and what you’re learning, then ask her to do the same. 

Talk about the trips you WILL take when everything goes back to normal.

Have your daughter create her very own vision board, then chat with her about how she might accomplish what’s on her board. 

These are challenging times. But, as always, life is what you make it. 

Our daughters are watching us, so show them what really matters. 

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