Write It Out - At Home Activities

You’re doing all the things, right? 

Working hard in your business or virtually for your company. 

Your kids are home and making the work-life balance thing even MORE challenging than it used to be. 

Your family is eating together, playing games together and in general just spending lots of time together. 

Maybe you’re searching for some other ways to use this time to help your daughters strengthen their leadership skills? 

Here is a great and timely idea. . . 

What is one of the most important traits of a great leader?? Communication.

Now is the perfect time to work with your girls on some easy and fun ways to communicate with those around you. 

Here are 3 ways you can help build your daughter’s ability to effectively communicate while she’s got some extra time at home. 

This is a skill that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your daughter’s lasting success!

Idea #1

Have your daughter start a Journal: 

  • Suggest a time each day where she documents her thoughts on what is happening around her. 
  • Document the facts of the situation
  • Take or draw pictures
  • Interview other people
  • This would also be a great family artifact for years to come

Idea #2

Write letters to residents in a local nursing home:

  • Use your writing skills to write a positive note
  • These elderly people are missing their visitors
  • Let them know what is happening in their community
  • Give them something to smile about

Idea #3

Spread the positivity on Social Media

  • Have them record a positive message each day and send out either on their own account (if they have one) or on your account if needed
  • Let them research some favorite motivational quotes or their own great advice
  • Flood screen time with strong messages of hope and love

These are tough times, but during the toughest of times is when true leadership shines through. 

Help your daughter see how the ability to communicate with others could be her greatest strength. 

Being a great communicator is a definite trait of an amazing leader. 

Get those girls writing for GOOD and have them share those thoughts. Enjoy!

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