Three Opportunities Coronavirus Social Distancing Gives You and Your Daughter

As moms, we would like to control everything. However, life happens and all of a sudden you find yourself in the midst of life at home with all of your kids for an indefinite amount of time. 

While we all wish the current coronavirus epidemic wasn’t happening it is. So, we can either complain about it or make the best of it.  Here at Give Her Courage, we want you to see the silver linings in this season. 


Here are three opportunities the coronavirus gives you and your daughter:

  • The opportunity to connect. Being quarantined in your home means more quality time spent together.

    Try to frame this as a blessing for getting to spend more time with your girl (and the rest of your family!) — after all, without the coronavirus, your time would likely be spent on conference calls and attending meetings, running from one activity to the next.

    But, now because of the quarantine, you get to take advantage of that quality time spent together! Play some games, make some memories. Enjoy a little extra time with your girls. 

  • The opportunity for your daughter to better understand what you do. Bring your daughter in on your work as much as possible.

    Let her see you in your professional habitat, doing your thing. Help her connect the dots by showing her that hard work leads to success. Have conversations about money and careers, and show her how your work is making a difference in the world.

    Encourage her to ask questions and get a feel for what you do every day while she’s at school. This shows her what’s possible and exactly how much work is required!

  • The opportunity for your daughter to practice discipline and self-direction. Set a schedule and give your daughter responsibilities to take care of by the end of the day.

    Allow her to do some work on her own, and give her the freedom to organize her day and get things done on her own schedule (depending on her age, she might need guidance with this)

  • Help her flex her independence and self-direction muscles while learning to be self-disciplined. 

    Remember, these next few weeks can either be an incredible set of memories or a season you can’t wait to end. We are choosing to be intentional and focused. Let us know in the comments below what you’re doing with the family during our coronavirus social distancing.  

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