The Role of Positive Peer Pressure in Your Daughter's Life

The Role of Positive Peer Pressure in Your Daughter's Life

We all know that peer pressure can lead the best of us to make the worst possible decisions. Undoubtedly, we have watched someone we care about listen to the noise around them and choose an unhealthy direction for their lives.

As moms, we know that peer pressure will undoubtedly be something our daughter's face on a regular basis and it can be a little scary at times. 

But have you considered the positive role peer pressure can play in your daughter’s life?

Given the nature of the crowd, is there something GOOD that could come from a group that is cheering your daughter on instead of trying to take her down the wrong path?  

Consider this instead:

  1. It has been said, every person is the average of the 5 people they spend the most time with:  Ask your daughter who the top 5 people are in her life? What qualities do they have that she might want to emulate? How have they already influenced her? Are there others she knows casually that she admires and could spend more time with? Conversely, if her top 5 people aren’t contributing to who she is positively this conversation may lead her to make some albeit hard but much-needed changes. Is she surrounding herself with peers who are working towards big goals, and leading, even at a young age? 
  2. Peer pressure is HARD to drown out:  Kids want the approval of peers—so flip the script with the type of peers your daughter is listening to. The answer to having big dreams, being our best, and becoming a leader worth following is to surround yourself with others doing the same thing. Help your daughter to see that she doesn’t have to LIVE for the group, but it helps to have a group worth living for. Peer pressure is going to happen. How can you help your daughter find peers who will pressure her to be her best?
  3. Show your daughter what's possible: One of my favorite developments over the past few years is the idea of having a mastermind group of likeminded women in my corner. These women are working and achieving in life at and above the level where I am currently achieving. I can reach out to them at any time, discuss my ideas, get feedback, and ask questions. They have saved me from making poor decisions and helped keep me going towards my own big goals. Do you have a mastermind group or a team of co-workers that have your back? Give her examples of how these types of positive peer groups have changed your life and help her gather and grow with a group of her own. 

Not sure your daughter has a group of peers to push her towards excellence? Worried her peers are pressuring her in ways that are not for her ultimate good?

We have created a positive peer group of our own, for courageous moms like you, seeking to raise confident daughters.  In our year-long leadership certification, girls between the ages of 8-13 are setting and crushing their goals, supporting one another in positive ways, and learning how to lead, right where they are, today.

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