How Boredom Can Inspire Your Daughter's Innovation

Our brains have been wired for busyness. Our fast-paced culture has fed the fury of jam-packed schedules, drive-thru dinners, and meeting ourselves coming and going. 

Until suddenly, during this pandemic, we find ourselves with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Where at first the invitation to slow down and stay home seemed vacation like, now we may feel the walls closing in and tired of hearing our daughters sing the same old tune:

“Mom, I’m bored.”

But boredom can actually be the threshold of innovation. American Poet Dorothy Parker once said, “Bordemon breeds curiosity.” Curious minds can lead to sparks of genius if given the time to curate. The one thing we have an abundance of today is time. Tomorrow we may not be so fortunate. 

The next time she claims boredom as her doom try these three approaches:

  1. Don’t solve her problem: Your daughter will never lean into her curiosity if you seek to entertain her or keep her busy. Instead of turning on the television or making a suggestion challenge her with what is possible now that she has more time on her hands. Cast a vision by saying, “I’ll bet lots of girls your age are bored right now. What could you do to inspire them?” 
  2. Create something new: Does your daughter like to build, craft, or write? Ask her to create something brand new based on an idea that the two of you discuss. Get her creative sparks flying like by asking her questions that require more than a “yes” or no response. Help her to dream up a new game, craft, or write a song that captures just the right mood of the day.  Once she is energized by a “new” idea, give her the space and resources to make it happen. This will communicate to her that you are her biggest fan! 
  3. Look for ways to improve something: Sometimes we find ourselves frustrated by the way “things” are and simply accept it and move on. Remind your daughter that she doesn’t have to settle for the status quo. Is there something she thinks could be better? How would she fix a problem if she were in charge? Teach her how to brainstorm her ideas and turn them into action. And then, let her be in charge of something: dinner, a family night, or whatever you decide is best. In the process, she won’t just improve something, she will also build important skills that help her step up and lead in the future. 

Raising a curious and innovative daughter takes a courageous mom like you. Sometimes it helps to surround yourself with other innovative women who are passionately seeking to raise world changers as well. We have created a Facebook Group called Courageous Mom, Confident Daughters for community, resources, encouragement and packed with weekly live training. Join us here. 


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