How to Foster Your Daughter's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you remember the first time someone branded you as a go-getter? Perhaps you can recall when a mentor fanned a tiny spark of an idea you shared into a flame of brilliance that has led you to where you are today. While it was (and is still) satisfying to be on the receiving end of this type of valuable encouragement, helping to develop your daughter’s entrepreneurial spirit will inspire you both in the best way possible.  But where do you start?

Don’t just dream about the future, focus on what your daughter can do right now: A common question girls get today is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Looking towards the future can cast a vision for where our girls want to go, but entrepreneurs are known for solving problems people have RIGHT NOW. TODAY. They recognize something they can do that brings value to the lives of those around them and they are willing to risk succeeding and even failing to make it happen. When your daughter has a great idea, don't just push it off to someday, begin talking to her about how she can turn her idea into a reality - today!

Help your daughter create a plan of action:  Every successful business has a plan that has served as a North Star for success. Likewise, every successful entrepreneur is able to communicate their business plan with confidence and clarity. Ask your daughter to create a plan of action, define her ideal customer, explain how her product or service will benefit them, and the series of steps she needs to take to execute her plan. Once she has her plan in writing, encourage her to express it verbally in a concise elevator pitch that will survive both the lunchroom and the board room. 

Allow your daughter to experiment with her business ideas: Now that your daughter has an idea and a plan, encourage her to take it to the next level.  Depending on her age, It is likely that she will require something from you to make it happen. She might need a physical space, financial support, or your focused attention. Be thoughtful as you consider her specific requests and allow her to be ‘in charge’ while providing the guidance she needs to follow through with her dream. Encourage her to get resourceful about how she will bring her vision to life, and support her as needed. 

Regardless of the outcome of her entrepreneurial endeavors, your daughter will always remember the fact that you not only recognized her entrepreneurial spirit—you were the first to teach her to fly!

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