3 Ways to Teach Your Daughter to Be Radically Resilient

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It’s extremely important in life to be resilient because the people who are successful are the most resilient you’ll ever meet. There’s no one who achieves a dream who doesn’t have high highs and low lows. The most successful people on the planet are the ones who always pick themselves back up, make the necessary adjustments, and keep going. 

As we look at what our daughters need to be highly successful, resilience should be at the top of our list. 


How do we help them develop the resilience required to crush their goals today and in the future?  

Here are three focus areas for moms who want to help their girls develop a thick skin and become more resilient, today!

  1. Speed: keep moving. When she gets knocked down, have here take a look at what happened, teach her not to dwell on it, and keep going. The speed in which she keeps going, and how you lead by example to encourage her to get back up and keep moving forward, are crucial in teaching her to get up quickly.

  2. Work on not taking things personally. As women, we tend to do this. When you and your daughter put yourself out there, you’re both subjecting yourself to criticism and failing. Teach your daughter to not take things personally. Show her the result of somebody who has been through so much and how they wouldn’t be where they are if they had let the things people say get to them. Criticism is a projection of the people providing it, not you. If you can show your daughter that perception, you’re golden. 

  3. Try things. You’re presenting her with new opportunities for putting herself out there. When you try new things, they won’t be perfect but you’ll gain courage, confidence, and resilience. When she tries new things and fails, make it a learning lesson and have her do better next time. 

These are just a few quick ways you can teach your daughter to be resilient in life. If you are looking for a community of moms who are raising STRONG, resilient daughters, join us over in our free Facebook group. We love connecting with high-achieving moms, raising the next generation of world changers!

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