Quick Tips on Teaching Your Daughter to Command Respect

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Commanding respect is extremely important in helping your daughter build her leadership skills and become a trailblazer in any area of her life, whether that’s as an executive, a professional, or an entrepreneur. 

Want some quick tips on how to help your daughter to develop the confidence required to command respect starting TODAY?

Here are two tips to help you work on this with your daughter:

  1. Believe in herself. Sure, it’s stating the obvious but there are things you can work on with your daughter to help her truly believe in herself even from an early age. Teach her in small, manageable steps to step outside her comfort zone and go after her dreams. For example, if she wants to be an actress, start Googling play scripts and have her work on them on her own, in her room. You could allow her to use your phone as a camera to practice her on-camera skills. Then you could have her practice in front of your family. Whatever her goals and dreams are, she can take baby steps to get comfortable enough to put herself out there and build confidence. Confidence is step one when it comes to commanding respect from others. Our girls need to first respect themselves before they get others on board.

  2. Be worthy of respect. When your daughter believes in herself and commands respect, she doesn’t believe she’s better than anyone else and doesn’t believe anyone is better than her. No one is better than anyone and our goal is to teach our daughters they’re all equal, all have their own strengths, and are all worthy of respect. Hold her to her commitments. When we show our daughters they need to be worthy of respect, they’ll learn to treat others equally and know they deserve the same. This means watching us as women set our own boundaries, respect other people’s boundaries, and modeling what it means to follow through on our word, and be a person of integrity. 

Our girls will learn to command respect when they have confidence in their own abilities and can back up who they say they are with actions and follow-through. 

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