The Skills Your Daughter Needs To Be The World’s Next Great Entrepreneur, CEO, or World Leader

If you want your daughter to stand out and become the world’s next great entrepreneur, philanthropist, CEO, or leader…

...Then you have to find a way to combat all the white noise out there that’s going to shrink her down and keep her from reaching her full potential.  

Between the age of 8-12, girls start to lose confidence in themselves.

In fact… Most of them stop taking risks altogether. 

When asked about their leadership skills during a study, most 5th grade girls answered similarly: They didn’t see themselves as leaders. 

As moms, if we want our girl’s potential to be uninterrupted, we have to step in and disrupt what the world is telling her. 

We have to teach our daughters the skills and qualities she needs in order to achieve her biggest goals and dreams… because she’s not going to learn it at school. 

Here are 4 core skills that your daughter needs to develop in order to become a trailblazer, achieve financial freedom, and lead a life she loves:

  1. On-Camera Confidence.

The whole world has changed…

Everything in the foreseeable future is going to be happening through online video chats.

Whether it’s an interview, audition, or important meetings, when your daughter sets out to accomplish something, she’s going through a series of hoops… and in this day and age, it’s most likely going to be done through video.  

So, your daughter’s on camera confidence, meaning her...

  • Communication skills
  • Confidence skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Body language

...all need to be strong so that she can get her message across in an impactful way. 

  1. Negotiation and Leadership Skills

Another crucial skill your daughter needs is the ability to manage and lead through confrontation. She will have to navigate through some crazy, rocky waters in this world that she is growing up in. 

  • Stating her own opinion with confidence. 
  • Learning when to compromise, and when to stand her ground. 
  • How to try new things, and how to grow through the learning process and the mistakes she’ll make along the way. 

These are make or break skills that your daughter needs in order to accomplish what matters most to her. 

  1. Positive body image

How we feel about ourselves… determines what we do. 

What we do… determines our outcomes in life. 

We have to teach our daughters to have a positive body image and to be grounded and confident in who she is.   

You want your daughter to know that she doesn’t need to fit in. She doesn’t need to muffle who she is, and all the unique and beautiful things that makes her an individual. 

  • Help her believe in her power.
  • Help her learn to not follow the crowd. 

When your daughter becomes confident in who she is as an individual, when she understands what makes her unique, and develops the confidence to stand out… this is what’s going to lead her into becoming the next great entrepreneur, the next CEO, the next leader in an industry.

There’s no other place that is going to teach your daughter the skills she needs to reach her highest potential.

But, you can help your daughter learn the courage, confidence, and exactly what she needs to keep going and stay focused on her path to becoming a trailblazer. 

Let us help you lead your daughters through the process of cutting out all the noise she’ll hear at school and through the media, and set her up for a lifetime of success. 

That’s our mission at Courage Club. To help the next generation of young girls step into their full potential, and provide moms with all the resources, community, mentorship, and support they need to help your daughter follow her path to being a world changer. 

There are a lot of things that your daughter is going to want to accomplish, whether it’s in athletics, philanthropy, leadership, giving back, making a difference, business, or entrepreneurship. We know she’ll need to have the courage to try new things and have the tenacity to follow through with them. 

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