5 Ways to Be Radically Resilient

The most important character quality you have that is going to determine your success in any part of your life is resilience. Webster's Dictionary defines resiliance as:

“An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.”

As moms we know that life is filled with hard seasons. Maybe you are living in a hard season right now and need a reminder on how important it is to get back up! Here are 5 ways we can grow and demonstrate radical resilience to our girls:

  1. Speed: The speed in which you pick yourself back up, keep trying, and understand  the lesson learned is critical.  Remember, you either win or learn— you don’t lose. Make sure when you fall down you learn every time.
  2. Work at it: You should actually work on being resilient. Make it your goal to bounce back quicker, focus on taking things less personally, and keep moving forward. The more you work, the more naturally resilient you will be.
  3. Celebrate: Celebrate the times when you have shown resilience. Make sure you talk with your daughter about a time when you experienced a misfortune or change and you bounced back better and stronger.
  4. Try new things: Did you know that trying new things will actually force you to be more resilient? When you try new things, you will have more opportunities to learn which will in turn make you better at everything else you do.
  5. Do Not Stop Trying: The only time you fail is when you stop trying. So you absolutely cannot ever stop trying!

Our girls need to learn how to recover and make adjustments to be the best they can be. They will learn this lesson best by watching you work on your own reliance and being inspired to be resilient girls right where they are. That in and of itself is the BEST reason to keep trying and celebrate the times when you kept moving forward.

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