3 Reasons Moms with Daughter's Need to Go Chase Their Own Goals

3 Reasons Moms with Daughter's Need to Go Chase Their Own Goals

Mom, you are absolutely irreplaceable in your daughter’s life. She is looking to you for love, support, and encouragement to grow into the courageous and confident woman you know she can become. And while she needs your input, what she needs, even more, is your example. It is extremely important for your daughter to know you have goals and see you passionately pursue them.  If you have set them aside for a season due to the busyness of life, here are 3 reasons you need to go after your own goals starting right now! 

Courage is caught not taught:  Some things are better caught than taught. Courage just happens to be one of them. While we believe you can have courageous conversations, and read inspirational stories, your daughter will be impacted most by having a front-row seat to your courageous life! Did you start a new role at work? Are you leading other parents at the PTA? Are you speaking at an event? Bring your daughter into your world and show her that moms are courageous too. 

Courage shows our girls what is possible: When you set a goal and go after it, your daughter gets the chance to see your courage in action while you pursue a life that has value to you. You might be tempted to think your personal goal is selfish because it doesn’t directly involve your family. But, when you dream, work hard and step forward with courage, your daughter will be proud of you and imagine that she can do brave things too! 

Courage helps us show up differently for our family: From the day our children step into our lives, we are there to meet their basic needs. We love those moments because it signifies we are connected deeply to our daughters. But courage allows us to step out of the need-meeting box and try something different. It helps our daughters realize we are more than a mom—though we love that role! It shows our girls that before we were moms, we were women with dreams of our own. And, it helps them know that in the years to come we will have more adventures to experience. 

Do you have a goal you need to dust off and put back on the table? What can you do today to take one step towards going after that goal? How can you model courage for your daughter by making it happen? 

We’d love to help you with whatever courageous goal you have set for yourself! Join our Facebook Group and meet moms just like you who are raising courageous and confident daughters. 

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