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two girls is gray sports bra and gray leggings, gray and pink courage and confidence trucker hat, gold cursive Courageous necklace, gray mask with white lightening bolt print, spring ambassador Bundle

authentic Ambassador Spring Bundle 

what does it include?

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Spring bundle: 

Hustle with Confidence Set - Gray leggings and sports bra

Confidently Chic Trucker Hat

Bolt of Confidence Face Mask

Courageously You Necklace

Bolt of Courage Earrings

Total Retail Cost $225

You save $75 when you sign up for the 

Authentic Ambassador Quarterly Membership


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Rachel is friend, animal-lover, author, and natural motivational speaker. 

She attended college and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, as well as minoring in Marketing and Education. She interned with Unstoppable Entrepreneur her senior year, after graduating she joined the Give Her Courage team. She believes strongly in the message of Give Her Courage, believing that courage and confidence is the key that unlocks who you really are. 

She’s originally from the North East but one day she decided to finally start living the life she always wanted. She packed her things and moved to the city to start a new adventure in Nashville. 

Rachel is extremely passionate about inspiring others, helping people achieve their goals, pursuing their dreams, and feeling confident just the way they are. This why she is so passionate about serving as the Marketing and PR Representative for Give Her Courage. 

She lives to spread the message of courage and confidence to everyone so people feel brave enough to accomplish everything they desire. Whether you dream of owning your own company, being an artist, a leader in society, or creating new technologies or medicines; Rachel wants to help encourage the women and girls of the world to accomplish their biggest goals and dreams.