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As an entrepreneurial mom, you want to build your empire, but you don’t want to neglect your family. Contrary to the naysayers, you can become a successful business woman without pushing your kids aside. In fact, your pursuit of success will actually help you raise confident kids that also grow up to be leaders. Here are five key strategies you can utilize right now to help create the balance in your life it takes to thrive in business and motherhood simultaneously.


The Index Card Strategy


In order to save your sanity and grow your business, you’ll need to figure out how to navigate your busy schedule in a way that allows for progress. The index card strategy is how Kelly was able to build her business with a new baby.


Take a single large index card and break it down into five little groupings. These groupings are 20,15,10, five and two. Each represents a number of minutes. As a parent it’s rare to get over 20 minutes at a time to dedicate to your business. Next, on another sheet of paper, write down every single action it will take to grow your business, then, split each of these tasks into one of the allotted timeframes on your index card.


You should laminate this card and take it everywhere you go, and bring it out any time you find yourself with time to spare. We’ve both used this strategy and can attest to the fact that it absolutely works. However, it all hinges on mindset. When you shift your thinking from “I only have 20 minutes” to “I’m so excited to have these 20 minutes” because your card will be there to guide you, you will start to experience small wins along the way and feel considerably more in control!


Block Time to Align


The second thing you need to do is take your to do list and throw it in the trash. Then, grab your phone or computer and start time blocking your life.


The problem with to-do list’s is that they never end.  When you block time to align with what you want to achieve, it allows you to feel more prepared and become more present in your life.

Utilize the beginning hours of your day to work on your business strategy. Then, when you’re with your kids, be there fully.  Then you can utilize the evening hours to complete the frivolous tasks that life demands of you.


As women often always find ourselves feeling guilty. When we’re working on our business, we feel guilty about not giving that time to our kids, and vice versa. There is so much stigma and judgement out there that no matter what, someone is going to say you’re doing something wrong. Try to instead recognize the fact that by having big dreams and chasing your goals, you are being a role model. You have the power to Include your child in what you’re doing and teach them to be confident and courageous.


Seriously, Get Some Help


Focus on who, not how things will get done. Your time is valuable. Take the time to map out the kind of tasks that don’t bring any value to your relationships or your business, then, delegate them. Hire someone else to clean the house, go shopping, cook, or anything else that takes away from your larger goals and mental health. If you don’t think you can afford to hire someone right now, look for ways to cut back on spending. Commit to a 30-day goal that will allow you to save, find or create the money needed to buy yourself more valuable time. Once you’ve done this, make the most of your newfound time by structuring yourself to get the most out of it, and try to do the same for your kids.


Hour of Sanity


Now that you’ve found more time of value, dedicate at least one hour towards sanity. This means giving yourself the time to slow down, find peace, and create space for clarity and focus. Pick an hour that aligns with your internal clock and allow you to the energy center yourself properly. Remember to stop chasing perfection and start chasing progression, and that every overnight success is ten tears in the making. Utilize this time to create a 10 to 20-year plan.


As an entrepreneur, you are modeling confidence and courage in your own life and by example, teaching your kids what it looks like to pursue their goals and dreams.  


If you are ready to get started on building your empire while raising confident capable competent kids, head on over to our free Facebook group and join a crew of moms setting big goals, making big things happen, and bringing their kids along for the ride!

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