3 Types of Mentorship That Can Turn Your Daughter From a Dreamer to a Doer


Want to know one of the most effective ways to build confidence in your daughter so she is ready to take on the world?


The biggest risk facing our daughter’s today is following the norms of society and allowing the kids at school, the tv shows, and all the things that she sees online to sway her value system, her decision making, and what she believes about herself. 

Studies show that by the age of 8, a girl’s confidence begins to plummet. Along with the drop in confidence, many girls stop taking risks because they don’t want to make a mistake and they stop seeing themselves as leaders.

We have to intentionally surround our daughters with the inspiration and positivity they need to thrive and take on the world with courage and confidence. 

If you want your daughter to go after her dreams of being a professional athlete, a business owner, an actress, or an activist and make them a reality… then you have to expose her to girls and women who have done just that. 

Mentors can help your daughter set goals, give her direction, help her become empowered in her decision making and achieve even her biggest goals.

Finding the right mentorship for your daughter can give her the edge she needs in today’s world. 

Here are the 3 types of mentorship that can turn your daughter from a dreamer to a doer. 

  1. The Expert

Having someone in your daughter’s life that she can talk to and get advice from who’s gone out in the world and mastered their craft, created a legacy, and made impossible things happen… helps your daughter's vision of what she’s capable of grow exponentially.

With an expert mentoring opportunity, your daughter can: 

  • Get practical, real-world advice
  • Have encouragement and support from someone who’s made mistakes and been through the learning process
  • Learn how to be comfortable taking risks
  • Develop valuable leadership skills
  • Build confidence

If your daughter wants to be a professional figure skater... image the impact of having a professional skater share her story with your daughter, share what she learned from her experience and her mistakes and help your daughter on her own path to success. 

  1. Peer to peer

This type of mentorship tends to get overlooked, but it’s so important in helping guide your daughter through the many obstacles she’ll face. 

Having a mentor that’s just a year or two older to give your daughter advice and give her peer to peer mentoring in issues like: 

  • Social media bullying
  • Bullying in school
  • Peer pressure
  • How to work through issues with friends

Your daughter should have someone close to her age that she can trust and learn from. Someone that can be a positive influence and help her navigate through hard situations. 

  1. You. 

You’re the leader of your little girl’s life. You’re her very first example, her biggest mentor, and the most important figure in her life.  

But, that doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers…

Mamahood is hard, and none of us are perfect. 

But, it’s so important to be authentic to your daughter. 

Let her know if you’re struggling through something. 

Let her see the process. 

Let her hear you apologize when you need to. 

Let her see you taking on the day. 

Let her see you love yourself. 

Let her see your confidence and your courage. 

If you’re complaining about things you don’t like about your body, or yourself… remember who is watching you.

Just remember, you don’t have to have all the answers. 

It really does take a village.

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