3 Quick Ways to Boost Your Confidence

We talk a lot about raising confident daughters. But what happens when you need a boost of confidence yourself? Truth be told, we can’t give our daughters what we don’t have. It is equally important for moms to take the time to grow in courage and confidence consistently so we can keep setting an example for our daughters.

Here are 3 quick ways you can boost your confidence:

Reflect on your own journey: As a full-time working mom your schedule is packed from the time you open your eyes in the morning until you fall asleep at night. Most people in your life need something only you can give and they need it right now. This constant pouring out for your family and your job can drain you quickly, stir up discontent, and discourage you from your ultimate goal of leading others well. Take a few minutes each morning or evening to reflect on how far you have come, the wins you’ve had over the course of the day, and practice gratitude for your own personal growth. Looking back can help you move forward with boldness. 

Read to be Inspired: Every day we have a constant flow of information coming into our lives. We scroll social media, we watch the news before we head out the door to the office, and we review reports packed with data and projections about the future of our industry. We have an amazing capacity to process and produce 24/7. As part of your intake, be sure to include inspirational stories featuring others who have worked hard, beat the odds, and achieved their goals. Our brains were wired for story. And often when we let ourselves slow down enough to enjoy one, we find the courage we need ourselves to live out our own. 

Remember to challenge yourself: It is tempting once we have achieved a level of success to want to stay there and avoid all possibilities of failure. But growth happens when we see this type of resistance as training us for a future that is filled with possibility.  As our daughters grow, they are constantly entering new territory and being asked to do hard things. We can learn something from them by finding new ways to challenge ourselves too. So, when was the last time you did something that scared you even just a little bit? Take a few minutes today to write down 3 goals that are bigger and bolder than you have ever dreamed. Challenge yourself to take a step towards your goal and be sure to share it with your daughter when you do!

When you take the time to boost your own confidence, you will be encouraged and motivated to be the best you can be. But more importantly, you will have something to give to your daughter as she becomes all she was meant to be as well.

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